Current Event for Discussion: WikiLeaks and posting info online

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Parents and teachers urge students to avoid posting certain kinds of information on websites like Facebook to ensure their safety.

Now, a similar situation is happening on a global scale that could affect the safety of many people throughout the world. The website recently posted sensitive information about the United States and other countries online.

This current event provides a relevant method to discuss the effects of making information public on the internet, and our right to privacy verses our right to information.

Read the story "US tries to contain damage from leaked documents." Then discuss it with your students.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Do citizens have a right to know information? If so, what kind?
  • Should certain information remain private? If so, what type of information?
  • Is it worth making information public if it could affect the safety of others?
  • What are some positive outcomes that could happen as a result of making these documents public?
  • What should be done about the WikiLeaks situation? Should WikiLeaks be allowed to continue posting sensitive information, or should they be stopped?
  • How is this situation similar to students posting information online about themselves or others?

This activity is appropriate for high school students and some middle school students. It can complement the following classes: English Language Arts, history, current events, media literacy, computers and technology.

If you need help finding the article for discussion, please contact Julie Burridge.

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