Weekly News Quiz, December 15

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Access the interactive quiz board for this week’s news quiz here. A text only version of the questions is found below. At the bottom of the page are the answers to last week’s quiz.


1. An anonymous woman dropped her $2,000 wedding ring in a red kettle, the iconic way to collect holiday donations from what organization?

2. True or False: Last week it was announced that Boston has a larger homeless population than other major US cities, including the larger Los Angeles and Chicago.

3. Boston restaurants are making tea-themed drinks this week to celebrate the anniversary of what famous event in which colonists protested British taxes?

4. Prince William and Kate Middleton visited what U.S. city last week?

5. Girl Scouts announced that aside from going door to door, they will be selling cookies in what new way?

6. These two major office supply retailers are expected to merge in the near future.

Answers from last week

1. Google Glass.

2. Cyber Monday.

3. The First Ammendment.

4. Ferguson and New York City.

5. 2024.

6. Hilary Clinton.

7. Ebola.

8. The Flu Vaccine/shot

Call for submissions: Eyes of a Child 2014

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The Boston Herald is calling for student art for its annual holiday section called “Eyes of a Child” which will appear in the newspaper on December 24. We gladly welcome drawings, poems, prose, and essays inspired by the holiday season. Only submissions sent via email by teachers or principals will be accepted. The deadline is Thursday, December 18.

Please see the complete “Eyes of a Child” guidelines for entry below:

  1. All entries must be sent via email by a teacher or principal. We are unable to accept submission directly from students.
  2. Entries must be emailed to brianne.costa@bostonherald.com by Thursday, December 18. Artwork should be scanned at its best resolution and in PDF format.
  3. Written entries must not exceed 300 words. Editorial reserves the right to edit if necessary.
  4. In the email, please include the name, grade, school, city, teacher name, and contact number for each student.
  5. Entries will be selected by the editorial department of the Boston Herald.

Teachers and principals–please email entries tobrianne.costa@bostonherald.com by Thursday, December 18.

News Quiz for week of December 8

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Test your students’ knowledge of current events with this fun, interactive game show-style quiz board! Questions are based on last week’s top stories in the Boston Herald. Access the Quiz here or a text only version of the questions below.

The answers to last week’s Quiz are at the bottom of the post.


1. This wearable tech gadget is losing support and interest due to a high price, long wait, and general unpopularity.

2. The Monday after Thanksgiving, expected to be more a more popular shopping day than Black Friday, is called what?

3. Last week, a supreme court decided that online threats are not protected under what Amendment?

4. Protests erupted in cities across America last week in response to Grand Jury decisions in these two cities.

5. Boston officially put in a bid to host the Olympics in what year?

6. This presidential hopeful delivered the keynote address at the Massachusetts Conference for Women last week.

7. A possible case of this epidemic is being treated at Mass General Hospital.

8. A mutation of the flu virus may make this less effective, but doctors still recommend getting it once a year.

Answers to last week’s quiz

1. Uber

2. False

3. New Hampshire

4. Pablo Sandoval

5. Ferguson

6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg



Weekly News Quiz, December 1

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NIE Teachers,

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend and Thanksgiving holiday.

Access this week’s interactive, Jeopardy-style quiz board here. A text-only version of the questions can be found below, as well as answers to last week’s questions. 


1. This smart phone app for hailing rides is under scrutiny for the controversial public image of its top executives.

2. True or False: Customers got better deals on Apple products at the Apple store, compared to other technology retailers.

3. Because Massachusetts doesn’t allow stores to open on Thanksgiving, many shoppers headed to what state to seek tax free Black Friday deals?

4. The Red Sox signed this third baseman from the West Coast, nicknamed “Kung Fu Panda.”

5. Protests in Boston erupted this past week in solidarity with protests over a grand jury decision in what Missouri town?

6. This Supreme Court Jurist was hospitalized over the holiday weekend for heart related health issues.

Last Week’s Answers

1. A fire hydrant.

2. TD Garden.

3. Foxboro.

4. Robots.

5. Mockingjay.

6. The ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art).

7. Life for Limbs.

8. Urban Farming.

9. Staples.

10. Nearly 5 million.


Student Voices responses: studying social media

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Congratulations to our latest Student Voices writer, Jess Traut-Savino from Salem State University, found on BostonHerald.com here. 

Check out what students had to say in response to “MIT Media Lab gets $10M to major in social studies” on page 2 of the October 2 Boston Herald and the question below:

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology were recently given 10 million dollars to study Twitter in an attempt to find patterns that could tell us more about people and how they interact. What can studying social media help us understand about our culture and society? What forms of social media do you use? What do you get out of it?

“My grandmother has a Twitter!” a friend of mine exclaimed this past week. In this day and age tweeting, instagramming, hashtagging, and facebooking have become common lingo, even for the archetypal computer-deficient grandparent that is now no exception to the madness that is social media. “Twitter” and “tweeting” no longer appear with a red squiggly line as I type them into word processing, and “Obama tweeted such and such” isn’t seen as a shocking form of presidential communication to the public. It is no wonder that MIT researchers are investing substantial money to study the social media sensation that has been sweeping the country since its creation in 2006 — it is valuable information that provides immediate results about our society and American culture. What are young people doing in their spare time these days? Consult Twitter for up-to-the-second updates. Need to know what the latest fashion trends are? Simply look up #todaysfashion. I created my Twitter account in 2008, following the popular crowd of my high school who considered it the “in” thing to do. After sharing 1,346 tweets with the general public, many of which did not seem to care, I decided to delete my account and have not used it since. I’ve found the peace and simplicity of a non-tweeted life to be oddly satisfying, and strangely enough, often inconvenient as a student. Social media is today’s replacement of a phone call, a thank you note, and even day-to-day school announcements. It’s used by nearly everyone from seven year olds to seventy year olds, casually and professionally. It is a perfect depiction of our society and culture in simple 140-character statements. And love it or hate it, it is not going away. -Jess Traut-Savino, Salem State University

“Studying social media can help us understand various things about our culture and society. Some ways that it could help our community is that it would show us how our community communicates and what our background is. Social media benefits our understanding of our culture because the thoughts that people have and share can contribute to their culture. Social media can be beneficial in many ways if used in the right way. One question we have to think about is how long we should use social media and how we can use it? To begin with, things that social media might teach us about our society include what type of person someone is. Sometimes when people think about this they instantly think about a person being “good” or “bad”. I believe there is no such thing as good or bad people but there is such a thing as good or bad decisions. Not only does social media teach us what type of people are in our society but it also contributes to the idea of what we have to be attentive to, which is also vital as well. This means how much energy we are using, what we are doing all day, if this is the best thing we should do, and what we should do that is more advantageous, not only to us but the world around us. Moreover, learning about our society isn’t the only thing that social media teaches us about. It also gives us an understanding of our culture as well. We can realize this when we think about or observe what kind of context people use or what type of pictures they post. An example would be if I posted pictures ofMeccaand talked about how my religion is Islam or send comments in a different language. You can construct an idea that shows you how I am Muslim. Social media was made to be used for good purposes like communicating with others in a very respective manner. It is crucial to think about why we use social media as we do and if we are using it the right way. We have to reflect on these ideas in order to create a better environment to live in. Before we write anything or do anything we have to think how it will affect our surroundings. As a student I use social networking, specifically Gmail. What I get out of this is helpful knowledge and a chance to explore technology. Though, I have to say that using technology is helpful but I feel exploring through books is very beneficial and more useful. I use my account to turn my work in to my teacher as well as work on online projects. Communicating with my family is another great thing that I love doing, not to mention I also use my account to create drafts that create a positive impact on people in the world. This is how social media can help us understand our society and culture.” -Hasna Iqbal, Boston Public Schools

News Quiz, November 24

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Learn about current events in a fun way with this interactive, Jeopardy-style quiz board based on last week’s top stories in the Boston Herald! Access the quiz here or find a text only version of the questions at the bottom of the page. Answers will be posted next week!

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1. This past week, firefighters in Boston warned the public of the dangers of parking your car in front of what?

2. A new Pro Shop was revealed last week at this sports complex, home to the Bruins and Celtics.

3. SkreensTV is a new device that compiles all television services onto one screen, made by an engineer from what Massachusetts town?

4. What futuristic devices are being used alongside surgeons in the operating room?

5. This week, a popular book-to-movie series premiered part one of a two part movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, called what?

6. Brazilian artist Adriana Varejao will exhibit her work at what Boston art museum?

7. Marathon survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis has been using her fame and inspiring story to raise money for which nonprofit?

8. This popular agricultural trend includes growing produce in cities and urban areas.

9. What popular “That Was Easy” office supply chain announced it will close 170 stores this year?

10. This week, President Obama vowed to give legal status to how many of our country’s immigrants?


Geography Awareness Week Resources

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This week, November 16 through 22, we celebrate Geography Awareness Week. National Geographic created Geography Awareness Week to educate young people about geo-spatial awareness and their impact as global citizens and excite them about geography in general.

The theme of 2014 Geography Awareness Week is “The Future of Food,” educating us on how geography plays a role in the food we eat.

Here is a list of resources to bring Geography Awareness Week into your classroom.

1. National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week page lists a bank of curriculum resources focusing on this year’s “The Future of Food” theme, including “Planet Food,” “Staple Food Crops of the World,” and “The Geography of Food in Film.”

2. Pigskin Geography is a special curriculum guide for Boston Herald in Education teachers. It follows the NFL Football schedule and educates students about the geography of the team locations each week. It’s a fun activity for football lovers of all ages.

3. The Five Themes of Geography is a curriculum guide available on the Boston Herald in Education Curriculum Page that teaches the five themes of geography, location, place, human/environment interaction, movement, and regions, with the help of the Boston Herald newspaper.

Find Pigskin Geography and The Give Themes of Geography on the Boston Herald in Education Curriculum Page here.

Note: You must be subscribed to the Boston Herald in Education program to access the curriculum page. Subscribe by filling out an Order Form here. 

Weekly News Quiz, November 17

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Find an interactive, Jeopardy-style quiz board of last week’s Boston Herald top stories here. Or, use the text only version of the questions and answers below. Enjoy!


1. Voters will be able to register to vote using their iPhones and tablets by the next presidential election, taking place in what year?

2. The new Mass Health website, which re-launched over the weekend and will allow residents to sign up for health insurance online, is called what?

3. Governor-elect Charlie Baker is being compared to which former Massachusetts GOP governor?

4. Last Tuesday we celebrated the dedicated service of the American military with what holiday?

5. Last week, this European space probe succeeded in landing on a comet, a major breakthrough for future space research.

6. Which Massachusetts town is the first in the nation to propose a ban on tobacco sales?

7. As part of a promotional event last week, F-15 fighter jets soared at a low altitude over Boston and to Cape Cod, leaving from Barnes Air National Guard base in what Massachusetts town?

8. Which Massachusetts college raised $12,000 in a little over one day to save their independent student-run newspaper, The Daily Free Press?


1. 2016.

2. The Connector.

3. William F. Weld.

4. Veteran’s Day.

5. Philae.

6. Westminster.

7. Westfield.

8. Boston University.

Weekly News Quiz, November 10

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Find a fun, Jeopardy-style interactive quiz board of our News Quiz here. The questions are based on current events and articles from last week’s Boston Herald top stories. Find a text only version of the Questions and Answers below.


1. Which candidate won the Massachusetts gubernatorial election?

2. Our new Governor-elect is from which Massachusetts town?

3. For the first time in 8 years, both the US House of Representatives and US Senate hold a majority in which political party?

4. Which candidate won New Hampshire’s gubernatorial election?

5. Massachusetts voters rejected a bill that would repeal a decision to add what to our state?

6. Massachusetts voters passed a bill that would allow all employees to earn what?

7. This Patriots player will make an appearance in two movies filmed in the Boston area, Ted 2 and Entourage.

8. This space movie about an astronaut trying to find life in other galaxies opened last week.


1. Charlie Baker (R)

2. Swampscott.

3. Republican/GOP

4. Jeanne Shaheen (D)

5. Casinos.

6. Sick time.

7. Tom Brady.

8. Interstellar.

Student Voices November Prompt

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Student Voices gives students a unique opportunity in publishing and journalism. See this month’s prompt, as well as the Student Voices rules, below.

Note: You must be subscribed to the Boston Herald in Education program to participate in Student Voices. Don’t have the Boston Herald in your classroom yet? Order here.

Read the article “Patrick: Mass in ‘better place’ than 8 years ago” on page 24 of the November 5 Boston Herald, then answer the following prompt.

After the results of the 2014 midterm elections, Governor Deval Patrick stated that he believes Massachusetts is a better place now than it was 8 years ago, but that there is still more work to be done. Do you agree with Patrick’s statement? Why or why not? Do you have faith in Governor-Elect Charlie Baker? What changes do you think we need to make forMassachusettsto become a better place to live? 

Email responses to Brianne Costa at brianne.costa@bostonherald.com by Wednesday, November 26. Note: Responses must be emailed by a teacher. Responses emailed directly from students will not be accepted. 

You may include a photo of each writer with a copy of our media release form signed by a parent or guardian.

Students’ responses will be published right here on the NIE Blog, and one student per month will be published in the print Boston Herald newspaper!

Any questions? Contact Brianne at brianne.costa@bostonherald.com or call 617-619-6220.

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