Weekly News Quiz, October 20

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The Weekly News Quiz for the week of October 20 can be found in an interactive game show format here. If you are having trouble accessing the quiz board, a text only version of the questions and answers can be found below. Enjoy the game!


1. Last week, Boston hosted the tenth annual conference in what area of technology, solidifying it as a leader in the field?

2. Apple unveiled these two new devices at a meeting last week.

3. Last week, this leader publicly declared new views on controversial topics in the Catholic religion.

4. As the economy grows this month, more people in Massachusetts have been seeking what?

5. Massachusetts health officials are stepping up vigilance after scares of an outbreak of this contagious disease.

6. This organization sued the state of Massachusetts last week for the names of certain organizations that have imported and exported monkeys.

7. As part of Boston Herald’s Campaign Sm@rt, a veteran strategist spoke to Boston students about the struggles for what types of political candidates?

8. Last week, Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants made his first State of the Judiciary Speech, calling for reform to the sentencing for what kind of offenders?

9. The new internet only option for this premium cable channel is expected to change the market for basic cable plans.

10. True or False: Television ratings for the National Football League (NFL) have decreased since numerous scandals involving players over the past few months.


1. Robotics.

2. iPad Air 2 and a new iMac desktop computer.

3. Pope Francis.

4. Jobs.

5. Ebola.

6. PETA. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

7. Females and minorities.

8. Drug offenders.

9. HBO.

10. False. (They have increased.)

National Bullying Prevention Month

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Infographic: Custom Ink, with statistics from the National Bullying Prevention Center. The statistics are startling, but they also provide hope.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. According to a national study, 18 percent of Boston teens are bullied at least once a week, and 32 percent of students see at least three incidents of peer bullying per month. But eight out of ten local teens also report that they are willing to stand up against bullying and do something about it.

How can you teach your students to stand up against bullying?

  • Boston Herald in Education teachers can download these free curriculum guides to help teach about the consequences of bullying. Character Matters uses newspaper activities to teach students the importance of values such as respect, tolerance, and citizenship. Living Life Online is a great introduction to internet safety and how to prevent and deal with cyber bullying. Access these curriculum guides here. 

*You must be a Boston Herald in Education teacher to access the curriculum guides. Order here.

  • Wednesday, October 22 is National Unity Day, which is dedicated to putting an end to bullying. Students are asked to wear orange to send a message of support and solidarity to victims of bullying.
  • Students can also participate in Custom Ink’s 4th Annual Be Good to Each Other Campaign by designing and wearing their own anti-bullying t-shirt or buying a shirt designed by a celebrity. 100 percent of the profits go to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Find more information about the Be Good to Each Other Campaign here. 

Together we can stand up against bullying in schools.

Weekly News Quiz, October 13

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Test your students’ knowledge of current events with our Weekly News Quiz, based on last week’s top Boston Herald articles.

Access the interactive Jeopardy-style board for our Weekly News Quiz here. A text only version of the questions and answers are below. Enjoy!


1. This program allowed local Boston students who are members of the Boston Debate League to meet Mayor Walsh at the Boston Herald headquarters last week.

2. High profile democrats, such as a member of the band Dropkick Murphys, have been financially backing which gubernatorial candidate?

3. A recent “stop and frisk” study has accused the Boston Police Department of what?

4. A statue of this famous writer, who was born in Boston, was unveiled in Boston Commons last week.

5. Famous Olympians are supporting Boston’s bid to host the Olympics for which year?

6. Recent lower gas and heating costs are due to the fall in the price of what?

7. Which app beat out Facebook as the most popular social sharing app for youth?

8. This mobile app is helping the federal government track child predators.

9. Which sport started their season last week with a win for the Boston team?

10. After a bad start to the season, the New England Patriots won against this previously undefeated team last week.


1. Campaign Sm@rt.

2. Charlie Baker (R).

3. Racial Profiling.

4. Edgar Allen Poe.

5. 2024.

6. Crude Oil.

7. Instagram.

8. Operation Predator.

9. Hockey.

10. The Cincinnati Bengals.

Student Voices October Prompt

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Student Voices gives students a unique opportunity in publishing and journalism. See this month’s prompt, as well as the Student Voices rules, below.

Note: You must be subscribed to the Boston Herald Smart Edition to participate in Student Voices. Don’t have the Smart Edition yet? Order here.

Read the article “MIT Media Lab gets $10M to major in social studies,” on page 2 of the October 2 Boston Herald, then answer the following prompt.

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology were recently given 10 million dollars to study Twitter in an attempt to find patterns that could tell us more about people and how they interact. What can studying social media help us understand about our culture and society? What forms of social media do you use? What do you get out of it?

Email responses to Brianne Costa at brianne.costa@bostonherald.com by Thursday, October 30. Note: Responses must be emailed by a teacher. Responses emailed directly from students will not be accepted.

Please include a photo of each writer with a copy of our media release form signed by a parent or guardian.

Students’ answers will be posted right here on the NIE blog, and one student per month will be published in the print Boston Herald newspaper!

Any questions? Please contact Brianne Costa at brianne.costa@bostonherald.com or call 617-619-6220.

Weekly News Quiz, October 6

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Access the interactive board for this week’s News Quiz here. Or use the text version below.

All questions are based on last week’s top news stories in the Boston Herald.


1. This respiratory infection has been making its way around New England and baffling doctors.

2. The Director of the Secret Service resigned last week over a September 19 incident in which an armed man was found where?

3. True or False: Martha Coakley (D) and Charlie Baker (R) are close to a tie in the polls for the Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

4. Where can you follow the Campaign Smart Program, which teaches students how candidates prepare for a debate and allows you to weigh in with your opinions?

5. What new social media site has been recently gaining popularity as an ad-free answer to Facebook?

6. Last week, MIT Media Lab received 10 million dollars to study this facet of the Internet.

7. Last week, a large volcano erupted where?

8. Which politician was quoted last week as saying that ISIS terrorists do not pose an “existential threat” to the U.S.?

9. Oprah Winfrey was honored last week at which esteemed Massachusetts University?

10. A thief stole money from a boy scout and his mother outside of a grocery store in this Massachusetts town.


1. Enterovirus.

2. The White House.

3. True.

4. BostonHerald.com

5. Ello.

6. Social Media.

7. Japan.

8. Joe Biden.

9. Harvard.

10. Malden.

Weekly News Quiz, September 29

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Teachers, we are unable to embed the Weekly News Quiz question board this week due to technical difficulties. Please access the interactive quiz board here or see the questions and answers below.


1. The United States proceeded with air strikes on which Middle Eastern country?

2. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found out that he will be tried for terrorism in what US city?

3. What celebrity businessman plans to make automatic calls in New Hampshire in support of Scott Brown?

4. Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker apologized for a political gaffe after he called a female reporter what?

5. Hyundai’s new Fuel Cell Car runs completely on what element?

6. At an MIT technology conference last week, scientists posed the theory that jobs in manufacturing and elderly care will soon be taken over by what?

7. Utility company National Grid expects the price of what to increase by 37% this winter?

8. The Red Sox plan to add 160 of these to Fenway Park.


1. Syria.

2. Boston.

3. Donald Trump.

4. “Sweetheart.”

5. Hydrogen.

6. Robots.

7. Electricity.

8. Seats.


Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

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Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15. Celebrate the month by learning about inspiring Latino innovators in literature, science, sports, and more.

This great list of children’s books from PBS Parents includes a variety of titles that tell the stories of famous Latinos such as Pablo Neruda, Sonia Sotomayor, Diego Rivera, Frida Khalo, and more.

Hispanic Heritage Month has a website dedicated to the month long celebration of history and culture. It includes a page devoted to teachers and lists resources to use in the classroom.

Hi-Tech Heroes: Hispanic Explorers in Science is a downloadable PDF curriculum guide from the NIE Teacher website. This bilingual resource and activity guide that highlights the achievements of Eloy Rodriguez, Ellen Ochoa, Mario Molina, and more.

Weekly News Quiz, September 22

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Teachers, we hope you are enjoying the Weekly News Quiz with your class. Each Monday, we will post a fun, Jeopardy-style news quiz based on the previous week’s top stories from the Boston Herald.

If you can’t see the quiz below, find it here.

Don’t have the Smart Edition yet? Order now.

Here is a text only version of the questions and answers from this week’s quiz.


1. Which Boston building, while undergoing restorations last week, was rumored to contain a hidden time capsule?

2. What is the name of the horse racing tracks that will be closing down soon to make way for a new casino?

3. What is the name of the new operating system Apple unveiled last week?

4. Car manufacturer GM announced plans to start including what in their new cars?

5. Last week we celebrated the anniversary of the ratification of what historic American document?

6. What popular coffee chain opened its first location on the West Coast last week?

7. Which country voted for its proposed independence from the United Kingdom last week?

8. Which African country will Massachusetts doctors be traveling to in order to help fight the outbreak of the Ebola virus?

9. Which candidate for Massachusetts governor is currently ahead in the polls?

10. True or False: Polls show that a majority of Americans agree with President Obama’s strategy for combating the ISIS terrorist group.


1. The Old State House.

2. Suffolk Downs.

3. iOS 8.

4. Wireless Internet (wifi).

5. The Constitution.

6. Dunkin Donuts.

7. Scotland.

8. Liberia.

9. Martha Coakley.

10. False.

Constitution Day newspaper activities

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Today, September 17, we celebrate the ratification of the United States Constitution. Learn more about our nation’s history and government with the following free curriculum guides, available to teachers who have subscribed to the Smart Edition.

Access the curriculum page here and enter your curriculum username and password that were emailed to you in your welcome email.

Don’t have the Smart Edition yet? Order here.

  • The Power and the Glory: The Constitution gives an overview of the history of writing the Constitution and the issues it addressed. The guide includes activities for students of all ages and levels to relate the writing of the Constitution to today’s hot button issues.
  • The Constitution and Today’s Newspaper has students find examples in the Boston Herald Smart Edition of the Constitution at work in our society.

Please contact Brianne at brianne.costa@bostonherald.com or 617-619-6220 if you have trouble accessing the curriculum guides.

Weekly News Quiz, September 15

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Teachers, enjoy our first Weekly News Quiz!

Every Monday, the NIE team will post a new quiz based on Boston Herald articles from the previous week. Questions are based on current Boston Herald Smart Edition articles in a variety of topics to test students’ knowledge of current events in a fun, Jeopardy style quiz game.

If you are having trouble accessing the News Quiz below, find it here.

Don’t have the Smart Edition yet? Order here.

Find a text version of the News Quiz questions and answers below.


1. Name two of the three new devices that Apple unveiled last week.

2. Name two of the student apps listed in the September 8 Boston Herald article “Student Apps Make Grade.”

3. Earlier this month, two people had to fight off a great white shark when it knocked them out of their kayak in which Massachusetts town?

4. Which local grocery store chain recently resumed normal operations after six weeks of company-wide protests and disputes?

5. Name the Republican and Democratic candidates for Massachusetts governor after last week’s primary election.

6. True or False: If Martha Coakley is elected governor of Massachusetts she will be the first woman in the state to hold the position.

7. Last week, President Obama will publicly outline his strategy for dealing with which terrorist organization?

8. A Massachusetts doctor was infected with which contagious disease while working with patients in Liberia?

9. Which NFL team beat the New England Patriots in their season opener after a comeback in the second half of the game?

10. Which Boston Red Sox player confirmed last week that he is suffering from an injury to his hand and wrist that may require off-season surgery?


1. iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and the Apple Watch

2. iStudiezPro, Studious, MyHomework Student Planner, Remind, Classdojo, Edmodo

3. Plymouth.

4. Market Basket.

5. Charlie Baker (R) and Martha Coakley (D)

6. True.

7. ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)

8. The Ebola virus.

9. The Miami Dolphins.

10. Dustin Pedroia.

Let us know what you think of the News Quiz by posting a comment below!

Questions or comments? Email Brianne at brianne.costa@bostonherald.com or call 617-619-6220.

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